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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14: Positive Parenting

Day 14:  Today I am thankful that God blessed me with amazing parents.  While I feel my time with them was cut short, I trust in Him and His timing...  I am so blessed to have had 32 years of their guidance, support, and influence.  When I look around, so many children have been left to their own devices... electronic babysitting, watching their parents live immorally, never learning to be polite and having absolutely no self respect... I am so very honored to have had parents who taught me from an early age to be honest, kind, thoughtful, supportive, obedient to the Lord, and thankful for the things I have.  

I honestly feel that it has been my raising that has helped me handle my chronic illness combination.  My parents taught me to trust in God's will, even when I'm not happy with His choices... I was also taught that hope, faith, love, and attitude make all the difference in the world.  Each day I try to teach Missy those things, to be an example to her.

Don't get me wrong, my parents were far from perfect... but that only helped me understand that it's ok that I wasn't perfect either.  Thank you God for blessing me with such wonderful parents. 


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