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Monday, May 13, 2013

No Sweat!

I haven't felt the best lately, I definitely overdid it at the Festival.  It was fun and I had a good time :)  Time with family is always the best part of it all.  Yesterday I did as little as possible.  I rested, stretched, worked from home, and took naps in between catching some stuff on Netflix.  My body needed a recharge.  

This morning I overslept a bit but felt better.  I could move much easier, wasn't as stiff and aching.  I took a shower, used my tinted moisturizer and even blow dried my hair!  I put on a new pair of capris and a cute shirt, thought I was super fabulous!  Some of my favorite songs came on during my hour's commute and work has gone really well!  

And now, it is 6:50pm and I'm about to head home... when I realize.... I didn't put on any deodorant.  

Ok yes, many people do that all of the time, but - normally I sweat like crazy!!  

Usually I keep a bottle of deodorant at my desk, but I used it up not that long ago.. and of course my fibro brain didn't remember to get a new stick.  

Hmm now would be a good time to set a reminder on my phone to bring a new stick!! 

Oh well, thank God for air conditioning! :)  

Now... if I can just find my phone.... 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Berry Busy

One of the reasons that the last couple weeks at work have been so crazy hectic is because it is the time of year again for the Tennessee Strawberry Festival.  The entire town gets decked out, people are scrambling to put together floats, baking their hearts out, kids are practicing for the parade and everyone is so freaking excited!!  Well everyone except me. haha  Ugh at work it is a bit of a scheduling nightmare.

Don't get me wrong, its a great tradition of family fun!  My childhood would not have been the same without this week of wild craziness in May!!  The whole festival is packed full of fun events carefully planned out by the Chamber of Commerce - there were free concerts (all kinds of music), booths that are selling clothes, all kinds of fair style foods (funnel cakes- yum!), interesting jewelry, and almost anything you can find on Pinterest to sell.  I'm not knocking those who are going craft crazy and selling the beautiful items they created - because I respect anyone who puts that much time and energy into something creative.  :)  I'm the kind of person who looks on Pinterest and thinks "Oh I hope someone is selling this at the court house this year."  

And I was right!! :)  Jennifer and I both got these adorable purses that are super cute and summery!  

For example, I love love love these foamies!  And while yes, I know how to crochet and yes I enjoy doing crocheting -- I'm not going to actually create these adorable little things.  Partially because I am a bit overwhelmed at work and partially because of my joint pain and muscle strain... but also because I'm a bit on the lazy side during the summer heat. :)   

Hmm maybe someone will be selling them at the festival next year? 

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