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Monday, May 13, 2013

No Sweat!

I haven't felt the best lately, I definitely overdid it at the Festival.  It was fun and I had a good time :)  Time with family is always the best part of it all.  Yesterday I did as little as possible.  I rested, stretched, worked from home, and took naps in between catching some stuff on Netflix.  My body needed a recharge.  

This morning I overslept a bit but felt better.  I could move much easier, wasn't as stiff and aching.  I took a shower, used my tinted moisturizer and even blow dried my hair!  I put on a new pair of capris and a cute shirt, thought I was super fabulous!  Some of my favorite songs came on during my hour's commute and work has gone really well!  

And now, it is 6:50pm and I'm about to head home... when I realize.... I didn't put on any deodorant.  

Ok yes, many people do that all of the time, but - normally I sweat like crazy!!  

Usually I keep a bottle of deodorant at my desk, but I used it up not that long ago.. and of course my fibro brain didn't remember to get a new stick.  

Hmm now would be a good time to set a reminder on my phone to bring a new stick!! 

Oh well, thank God for air conditioning! :)  

Now... if I can just find my phone.... 


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