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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Exercising with Fibromyalgia

There are so many articles out there with advice on how to exercise with fibro.  This one, for example, and also there is this one,  But out of all of the ones I have read, this one is my favorite.  Giving actual examples of low impact exercises that definitely have a "beginners" level helps me more than any motivational "feel the burn" mumbo-jumbo out there.  Of the exercises it lists, I am curious about the following:  walking, swimming, yoga and tai-chi.  

I am the opposite of flexible, but I have had an interest in yoga for a long time now.  I've experimented with various youtube videos that claim to be super-easy, beginners-only, fibro-friendly, and even fatgirl-friendly... but I have had no luck in finding something that didn't make me stick out like a sore thumb.  And then, I read this article about the different yoga styles available.  

It gives me hope that I might be able to find the right thing for me.  
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