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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Snoring Beauty

This could totally be me some days!  I think I could sleep and not care who was in the room, counting my snores.  haha  Last night I fell asleep around 9:20pm or so and didn't wake up until this morning after 1am!  And that was only to get a drink of water and then I went back to sleep, sleeping soundly until almost 8am. 
And here I am, barely 4pm and I want a nap so badly I cannot see straight!  The fatigue has been really bad since the onset of IIH, the doctor said that it could be from my body trying to normalize my spinal fluid pressure again.  When I add on the fibro flare that I'm in and how my asthma is acting up because of the Spring Allergies, its a wonder I'm awake now. haha

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tap my what?!

I just got out of the hospital and am slowly recovering.  I'm not exactly sure what was or is going on, I'm still kind of out of it. 

What began Sunday night as the worst migraine of my entire life, a #16 on the 1-10 pain scale, dry-heaving vomiting and extreme dizziness ended up with me being admitted to the Hospital with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension or Pseudo Tumor Cerebri, which I will refer to as IIH in the labels section of my blog. 

I met an excellent Neurologist who has agreed to take my case.  Under his recommendation, I will have a new Eye Doctor that will need to see me every two months to monitor the pressure via my dilated eyes.  (I'm not looking forward to that, I dislike having my eyes dilated!)  (Does anyone else who has sugar issues have a spike in blood glucose during/after having eyes dilated? Or is that just me?)

The treatment is a lower lumbar spine tap type thing - which is very painful!  Oh and a 1000gm daily dose of a heavy duty diuretic that gives me muscle cramps will keep the fluid from coming back as quickly.  But according to the Doctors, another lumbar puncture will be in my future. :(

Anyway, fast forward several days, and here I am.

So I will be researching and learning as I go, much like we all do from time to time. 

Please keep me in your prayers/good thoughts.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beach Break!

Take a mental vacation with me!  Come on, it'll be fun.  You won't even need sunscreen... but if you smear a touch of banana boat on your face it feels (and smells) more real!

Turn up your speakers and take off your shoes, close your eyes and just breath... taking in the soothing sounds of the ocean...


Ahhhh.... that hits the spot... 
Ten more minutes of this and it'll be time to go back to work!
Best use of my lunch break - ever!
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