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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What the Heck?!

I'm stressing.

No wait, I am freaking out!!

My job is doing away with our health insurance and forcing us to pick up ObamaCare.  I don't have a choice in this, so normally I don't sweat things I have no control over... but this is my health insurance.  This decision will dictate how my health is managed and could change the course of my quality of life.  If I pick the wrong plan, I could lose more than my doctors - I could end up with some med school drop-out who believes Fibro is imaginary! 

I've already been to one crackpot who told me that my "issues are depressive in nature, Amber, you need to get yourself married and have children".  He explained that the constant pain was my "body rebelling against my choice of a selfish lifestyle because I should be having children by now" - btw he meant being single.  Going through that once was more than enough for my lifetime - thankyouverymuch.

I've done my part!  I have found a way to juggle chronic pain, endless fatigue, and never ending appointments so I can maintain a real life full time adult job with benefits.  And now, because my benefits don't match up with the new government standards - I'm losing them.  Not only am I losing those benefits that I have worked my @$$ off for - and sacrificed so much of my quality of life to be able to maintain - but I will be awarded some crackerjack healthcare option.  Oh and that isn't all, assistance will be based on your income level.  That makes sense in some instances, but what about those of us who are barely making it on what we make??  So now, not only does my taxes go to support other people who are living high on the hog from the government assistance I am providing them - but now I have to struggle to pay for my own health care.  My cost will be around $300 a month - PLUS copays!!  W-T-Heck Obama?!  I can't afford it - HOW am I supposed to afford it?  And the government will not help me pay for this insurance because I am a responsible adult and do not have children I cannot support and because of this very job that is paying for all of their government aid - I am getting screwed.  Screwed for being a law abiding, hard working, barely-living-within-my-means American.

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