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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taking the High Road

Nov. 24. Take the High Road:  Write about a time you had to be the bigger person and take the high road.

A few days before my Dad passed away, I was very sick with a nasty stomach virus.  My lupus was irritated and the medications and harsh virus symptoms had thrown me into a major fibro flare.  I was absolutely miserable...  Dad called and we talked, but he could tell I was very sick so he told me to rest for a while and he would call me later.  

About two hours later, Mom called and said that he had coded and was being rushed to the hospital on an ambulance.  So I got dressed and met them at the hospital.  Whenever I called the Nursing Home to speak with one of the nurses (while he was in route) she fussed that I should have been there to see him instead of at home.  In her professional medical opinion, she stated that my "issues" were psychological and I was being selfish.... I knew that I was doing everything I could do to help Dad, going to see him almost every day, having multiple conversations with him over the phone every single day, and doing a lot of surprise checks on  him and the nursing staff - sometimes even twice a day!  I was terrified and was so sick - but I knew that she was also scared... and that my Dad would not want me to show my @$$.  So I took the high road.  

I'm not sure if this is what this post is asking about, but... for me it counts.

Rest in peace, Dad.  I love you. 


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