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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mental Mind Meld

Nov. 21.  Mental Mind Meld.
Mental health issues can affect many other conditions. Write about mental health, emotions, and challenges as they relate to your condition. How does your mental health affect your overall wellbeing?

All month long I dreaded this blog entry - this is what I am struggling with the most right now... I don't know if it is the grief or depression/anxiety that comes with chronic pain... or if it is from my time on the insulin pump and how my 'normal sugar levels' are changing... or if its from my fibro/lupus and the medication changes I've been going through... or could it be depression as my cervical cancer is finally in remission...  or am I having a mid-life crisis because I am 34 and completely utterly alone - so much worse than just being single... or am I just going crazy? 
Whatever it is, I am not doing well with it at all.  Which means I'm not resting well when I have the chance, which leads to problems focusing and concentrating (outside of work)... I feel somewhat normal at work most of the time, so I am spending massive amounts of time there - I have a purpose at work... and that's not good for me either.
So the short answer to the blog question is:  pfft


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