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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Songs that get me smiling!

Nov. 12: Top Three Tuesdays!  Name three songs that you can listen to that get you out of a low point or lift your spirits.

I have blogged about music a lot in the past, I love music and it helps get me out of my head sometimes.  But there are times that the wrong song can drop my mood faster than a lead balloon.  

The first one is Katy Perry's Roar.  This song reminds me that I teach people how they treat me, so I should not be afraid to roar!  

The second one is Miranda Lambert's All Kinds of Kinds.  This song is about acceptance and how the world is made up of "all kinds of kinds".  

I saved the best one for last!  This song ALWAYS makes me smile, and this version gives me a little dance wiggle to my step.  DeStorm Power's remix, Don't Worry Be Happy.


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