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Saturday, November 2, 2013

I think I can... I know I can...

Nov. 2.  Little Engine Post
Write 3 lines that start with “I think I can…”
Then write 3 lines that start with “I know I can…”

1)  I think I can learn to enjoy my life again.
2)  I think I can find a way to dream again.
3)  I think I can learn to love myself again.

1)  I know I can accept that I cannot change my family's view of me and my health.
2)  I know I can be the one to make me happy. 
3)  I know I can still live the life I want to live - on a certain level.

A lot of this is where I am still reeling from the loss of my parents.  Over the last few years I really defined myself by my role in taking care of them... and now that they are gone... I'm very lost... And my health is displaying that.  Or maybe this is the result of me ignoring my health for so long because my priority was caring for them?  I'm not sure... but I need a change - desperately... Sometimes it feels like my life depends on it.


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