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Friday, November 1, 2013

Favorite Health Apps

Nov. 1:  Favorite Fridays!  Tell us what your favorite health apps are and how people can find them.  (Oh this is a good way to start the blog challenge!)
I'm not 100% sure that my answers are what WEGO Health is looking for, but the applications that help me the most are: 
  • Awesome Cal - Syncs with Google Calendar so I can keep up with appointments/meetings/etc.  This app helps me tremendously as I am struggling to juggle a career, my diagnosis, and family events.  There is a free version available, but I did upgrade to the $4.99 professional application.  It also syncs with my Google Tasks - so I'm less likely to forget something. :) 
  • Office-Fit - Helps me think of new ways to work a little fitness into my spoonie life.  This app even has an option for being at my desk - which includes sitting versions of the activity we all need.
  • iPharmacy - Answers all of my med questions when my foggy brain can't think straight
  • WebMD - I love WebMD and adore their app!
  • Walgreens - I can refill my scripts by scanning the codes, so much easier than trying to punch in the script numbers on days that my fingers/hands ache.
  • Sleep Pillow - Whenever I am stressed or irritated, this helps me relax - no matter where I am!  I plug in my earbuds and can listen to the ocean waves, a rain storm, jungle noises, or even a generic white noise.  Plus it's free!
  • MyFitnessPal - I don't always pay attention to my caloric intake, but I do watch my carbs very closely.  MFP provides excellent nutritional information for almost everything I like! 
  • iHeartRadio - Love Love Love - Everyone needs a little music!  I love love love this app.  I really like how the upgrade includes a selection option where you can customize your music for whatever you are doing (ie: working out, relaxing, paperwork, etc).  
All of these apps can be found at the iTunes Store.  Each one is free - except for the upgrade I purchased for the AmazingCal app - but they do have a free version.  

Note: Yes I have an iphone so these are iphone apps but there are android counterparts for most of them! :) 


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