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Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Truths and a Lie

Nov. 18.  Three Truths and a Lie.
Tell us three things that are true about you, your condition, your Health Activism, or your life. Now tell us a lie. Do you think we will be able to tell the difference?

#1.  I participated in Locks of Love, donating thirteen inches of hair.

#2.  I have a tattoo in memory of my parents.

#3.  I have been caught in the middle of a hurricane.

#4.  I have visited eight countries in Europe.

Can you tell which is the lie?  

Don't peek yet, that's cheating!

OK ok ok 

The lie is #2 - The truth is that I do not have a tattoo - yet.  I am very interested in getting one but cannot make up my mind what I want or where I want to have it placed.  Since they are super-permanent, I don't want to get anything until I can make up my mind.  Plus I'm a little scared how my condition/body will respond to the pain/procedure of getting tatted.  



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