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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Kind of Bag Lady

Hello, my name is Amber and I am a bag lady. 

No, I don't push everything I own down the sidewalk in a shopping cart.  But I do own approximately twenty of the reusable grocery store bags.  $0.99 here, $0.50 there.  Green ones, blue ones, brown ones, and a yellow one.  I keep a few in my truck, my Mom's van, in the kitchen, and on the freezer.  I have them everywhere!  And I love them!  Why so many you ask?  Because, sometimes I cannot remember to take them with me on a trip to the grocery store.. so I buy another one.  

Of course, on the surface I pretend to do it for the Green aspect of saving the world... but the truth is, the only world it is saving is my own.  Like many people with a chronic illness, I find myself with less energy than I have things I need to accomplish.  So I have a system now, and it works for me.  I limit my shopping trip to two of the fancy smancy canvas bags.  Everything I buy will need to either fit in there or add very little weight to those two bags (like a pack of toilet paper).  (Don't get discouraged, you will be surprised how much you can put in those bags if they are properly packed!)  I would much rather carry a canvas tote of my items than wrestle ten to twelve of the half filled plastic bags.  The bags make it so much easier to load and unload the car.  And when I have a cooperative cashier, I can group items together so that its easier to put up the groceries at home too!  (IE: Cold/Frozen things in one bag, park that right by the fridge!)  

For me this is a fibro-friendly item to have on a shopping trip, good day or bad!

The absolute best part is that some grocery stores (like Bi-Lo) will give you a nickel off for every tote bag you use that saves their plastic bags!  OK so it is just five cents, but that adds up at the end of the year!  That's the other reason I might mumble off when asked why I am always carrying the bags with me.  

But now I can say it loud and proud.  I'm a bag lady because it makes shopping easier on me!  

While I purchase mine at the local stores up by the registers, you can also order something a little more personal for a reasonable price offline. 

For more information on creating your own fashionable tote bags, please check out the links below.


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