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Friday, February 18, 2011

Vitamin D and the weather

The weather is dreary and cool, it makes me ache just enough to be uncomfortable and to encourage me to be very sleepy.  I have learned along the way that I need a little bit of sunshine every day, about twenty to thirty minutes worth of the sun's warmth does wonders for my mood and energy levels.  In the beginning I thought it was the general warmth and the enjoyment of a beautiful sunny day that did the trick, but the more that I have studied I realize it is probably about the Vitamin D.

Vitamin D comes into play in maintaining balance and general good health/moods.  My sister, Jennifer, for example takes a supplement of Vitamin D because she doesn't tolerate the sun well at all.  Using sunscreen, I am able to spend enough time in the sun to satisfy the amount of Vitamin D that my body is craving.  That being said, I tend to experience a few side effects of Vitamin D from being out in the sun for too long.  Vitamin D is also available through dietary measures, eating things like eggs, different kinds of fish, and some cereals.  So my advice to everyone who wants to experiment with Vitamin D and its effect on your mood/pain levels is to take it slowly and see what works for you.  

A little sunshine, when experienced with proper sunscreen, never hurt anyone!

Read more about Vitamin D here:


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