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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Hour Energy

 I have a few people at work that have been talking about the 5 Hour Energy Drinks and how much they help.  

11a.  This morning started off to be a fairly good morning, low pain but also moderate level of energy.  I knew I had a lot to do at work today and things to do after work so I thought I would give the 5 Hour Energy Drinks a shot.  So at 11.25a this morning, I drank a grape one.  

12p.  The taste was semi-nasty, yes, and it took a few seconds to really get it down.  But within fifteen minutes I could definitely feel a pick-me-up.  and by noon I was talking non-stop!  

3.47p.  I have had a great day, I feel good, I have energy, I am talking a lot and laughing like I haven't in a long time.  As of this moment, I would definitely recommend this for those days of absolutely no energy when you need to get things done.  I am strongly considering making another purchase (or two) so I will be prepared for days of low energy.  I am very curious about how I will begin to feel as the drink wears off.  I wonder if I will be very tired, if I will be sore, or if I will just slowly run out of juice.

5.40p.  The drink has definitely worn off, I don't feel any different than I felt this morning before drinking it.  I feel as though I have been more productive which gives me a good feeling, but I am starting to get tired. 

10.30p.  I'm exhausted, but still feel that I was productive today.  Nothing really feels out of the ordinary. 

There was no crash, no dropping of mood or focus, just a slow decline in energy.  Before I knew it, I was talking at normal speed and thinking about a nap.  Just like I would be around that time of the day anyway. :)   


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