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Monday, February 21, 2011

Talking about Feet

I'm not a fan of feet, in the slightest, but I do take care of mine.  When I have extra money, I like to get pedicures and keep my toe nails polished because I want them to look as pretty as possible (for feet).  Plus want to give the impression that I am as healthy as possible, properly hydrated and paying attention to what my body is telling me... via my feet.  lol   There are things I am not able to do, but having cute feet is NOT going to be one of them. 

A couple years ago I was going to a Massage Therapist (she was a huge part of my Care Team) who said that she could tell how I was feeling based on my feet and the sensitivity of the different sections of them.  Reflexology is centered around the feet and reading their signs to listen to your body.  It is something I have researched briefly but haven't gone into it very much.  

Today at work, I was closing my email and seen a link for this article that I found fascinating!  So here are 18 Things Your Feet Say about Your Health.


Anonymous said...

Is'nt it strange...Men really like girls feet, but girls dont even like their own feet. Girls like shoes, but men would prefer to see girls barefoot...It just goes to show, Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars!

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