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Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Low Budget Things to do to make summer fun

10 Low Budget Things to do to make summer fun

1. Carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. Nothing better then spending the day eating corn dogs, smelling cotton candy, and riding thrilling roller coasters!  Early in the mornings or later in the evenings are the best times for me, it tends to be less hot and sometimes you can have less of a crowd.  

2. When the temperatures start soaring, nothing feels better than running through a cold sprinkler, fountain or fire hydrant.

3. Go to the beach. Swim in the water, build sand castles, play with a beach ball, sun-bathe and have LOTS of fun!  Most people forget about their local lakes, rivers, and harbors - some offer a swimming area and a sandy beach.

4. Go rollerblading, swimming, biking, or skateboarding – anything you enjoy.  (Personally I look for a rocking chair or swing in the shade.)

5. If you hear the music from the ice cream truck, go and get some!

6. Have a campfire and make s’mores!

7. Windy day?  Fly a kite!

8. Go camping in your backyard. Sleep under the stars with your friends, and sing campfire songs or tell stories.

9. Grab your water guns, water balloons, buckets, hoses and whatever you’ve got…and have a water FIGHT!

10. Go to the nearest park and have a picnic with your pals. Ride the slides, hop on the swings, play Frisbee and take a whirl on the merry-go-round.

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