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Friday, March 16, 2012

Head over heels... literally

This morning started out to be a great day.  It was beautiful outside, I woke up early on my own, was feeling good, and thought I would be early for work.  I needed to make a quick stop at a Walgreens, and on my way out... This happened.  

Yes, I fell.  On the sidewalk.  At a public store.  In front of God and everyone.  Except for me, it wasn't my shoes to blame!  (In The Birdcage, the character that fell says that shoes make him fall down.)  At first my pride was hurt more than anything else, I scrambled to get back on my feet as quickly as possible.  But this really nice lady was trying to help me up and instead of grabbing me she yanked on my pants which slid then down my hips to flash the security camera.  

I got back on my feet, trying to save face and willing myself not to start crying.  Taking a quick mental stock, I confirmed that nothing fell off of me and I didn't see or feel any bleeding.  I limped to my car, in a hurry to get somewhere more private to catch my breath and Miss Jubilee wouldn't start.  Thankfully, I pulled myself together just in time for a truck of older gentlemen to pull in next to me.  They worked for about thirty minutes trying to jump me off, but had no success.  

Even with everything going on, I was thankful to be so blessed.  Yes I fell and embarrassed myself, but I wasn't badly hurt and it wasn't raining so I didn't get wet.  :)   Yes my car wouldn't start, but God sent those two very nice men to try and help me, which was reassuring.  Plus I was somewhere safe when it happened.  I was in a parking lot with video surveillance, the manager said my car could stay there for a while until I could get it fixed.  Thankfully, it was the starter and once Bubbey came and replaced it, Jubi started right up. :)

Towards the end of the evening, even though the painful consequences of my fall were starting to stiffen my joints and ache beyond my imagination, Mom reminded me that everything would be ok... and I felt her love as though she had just hugged me.  Rainbows have always been special for me, magical and made me smile... Mom shared my excitement at catching one of these beautiful weather miracles...  It never fails - when I need her the most, Mom seems to be there for me...  The rainbow that streaked the sky tonight was stunning, bold, and more colorful than anything I've seen in weeks.... 

I love you too Mom, I miss you so very much.

All in all, turned out to be a very good day..  


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