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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane, its my Chiropractor!

A new pain has struck, bad #10 on the scale of pain.  It could be a fibro flare-up because of weather changing.  Emergency Medical Personal thought I was drug seeking.

Even my own Doctor wasn't sure how much of this is fibro and what is new.  Sometimes I'm not sure she believes in fibro or if she believes it is all weight related.  

I cried myself to sleep several nights from the intensity of this pain.  I can't walk unassisted, barely stand up enough to see where I'm going.  Yet am told it is "part of fibro".  I know enough about fibro to know that this is very different. 

Pain pills numb my brain enough that I can sleep a little.  It doesn't really ease the pain as much as it makes it easier for me to mentally disconnect from it. 

Finally my Chiropractor figured it out!  God bless him!  He discovered that I have pinched a nerve in my lower back.  He worked on it some and for the first time in a few days, I have non-medicated relief.  Prednisone, cold packs, and his TENS unit to the rescue!  With any luck, tomorrow I will be able to go back to the office :)  

It is another day I thank God for the support of my family. 


Darlene Fanning said...

Oh my, I hope your fibro is not giving you much trouble these days. Glad to hear that your visit with the chiropractor has given you some form of non-medicated relief from the pain you have been going through. Just continue with the positive attitude and stay happy.

Gwen Knight said...

Good thing your chiropractor was able to help you with your fibro. The pain must be excruciating. But you can do something to ease the pain while you are waiting for medical help. If you feel the sudden whip of pain, try to relax and don’t do anything strenuous. If possible, try to stay in one place until the pain goes away. Apply warm pads on the painful areas to relieve the pain. You can also try a warm pool therapy and some stretching, but do not strain your muscles.

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