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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fog with a side of Hurricane

Sophia Petrillo isn’t the only one who has gotten more intuitive about the weather.  I have been having a flare-up over the last few days, muscle pain/cramps, joint stiffness, and swelling.  I have had worse flares, so I am still thankful that I am off work this weekend so I can rest.  Even with the muscle cramps that bring tears, I am still very blessed.  Especially considering that this weekend, as I am writing this, Hurricane Irene  is having her way along the North Eastern seacoast of the US.  The people receiving her wrath are in my prayers, my heart goes out to those families who are losing everything...

I have been in a hurricane once in my life, and trust me it was more than enough of an experience.  Granny and I were on a cruise ship near the Bahamas when Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005.  What surprised me more than anything about the storm, wasn’t the force of the rainy wind or the violent way the ocean threw the boat around – but the drastic drop in temperature!  At this point, I had not experienced the traumatic event that triggered my fibromyalgia, so I was chronic illness free!  Perhaps I should have taken the storm interrupted vacation as a sign, because shortly after, my life changed forever.

Growing up, my grandparents were able to predict the weather.  Later on in life, my Dad was always accurate when it came to spotting a cold front on its way here.  As an adult with a chronic illness, I can put my hat in the ring for knowing when changes in temperature are approaching and not only can I smell the rain, I can feel it ten miles away. 

Sorry this post is a little rabbit-chasing, but this flare has definitely brought its share of brain fog. :)


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