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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

-beep beep- Coming Through!

Most people who know me professionally will tell you that I am always busy and rarely find myself with very much downtime. Those who know me personally know that I struggle with fatigue. I think that is one of the Fibro symptoms that is the hardest for me to navigate around. Before I started seeing my current PCP (Primary Care Physician) I was going to a doctor more focused on holistic treatment. He suggested that I experiment taking Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. At the time, I didn’t try them because I had other things going on that I felt would make it hard to judge if they worked or not. 

 About three weeks ago, I touched base with my current Physician- she said she did not feel the supplement would take anything away from my current treatment plans. So I picked up a bottle of CoQ10 liquid caps and thought I would give them a whirl. 

While filling my pill boxes for the week, I added one 100mg CoQ10 pill to each of my morning doses. I could tell a difference almost immediately! Within 30-40 minutes of taking the pill I began to feel more awake and within an additional hour I had more energy than I have had in several days. It was as though I had drunk one of those 5 hour Energy Shot drinks again – except I didn’t crash (mentally) afterwards at all and I didn't talk four-hundred words a minute either! lol  I did, however, get very hungry several hours after taking the supplement. Over the last three weeks I have learned that if I eat a good breakfast before taking the CoQ10 I don’t get hungry after.

For me, taking CoQ10 works. I can feel the energy boost for a while too, if I start to pick up my activity later on in the afternoon I can feel that energy surge slowly filtering through my body. I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying it earlier.

As with anything else discussed on this blog, please touch base with your Doctor or Health Provider before altering your routine, medications, etc.


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