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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting A Fibro Friendly Makeover

In the earlier part of February, Extreme Home Makeover came to the Chattanooga Tennessee area to grant the wish of a local family who were in desperate need of a new house! The family selected truly needed the home makeover; the son is adorable and so upbeat – despite having extremely fragile bones. Traffic on that side of the city came to a screeching halt as the entire city and surrounding areas were abuzz with the opportunity to help this deserving family.

This got me thinking... if I could give myself a complete home makeover (with unlimited funds), what I would request to make my house fibro-friendly? At first I wanted to suggest things I always wanted: Olympic sized indoor heated swimming pool, a gazebo under a big shade tree with tons of bird feeders, a domestic staff to allow me to rest, a beautiful lush backyard for Molly to run openly and wildly in, and of course a hunky yard guy to tend to the outdoors. But then I got to thinking about what I truly needed, that would help with my most frustrating symptoms.

 Here is what I came up with:

  1. A larger bath tub with a hand railing so that I could take a hot bath and long soak on days I need it. 
  2. A very powerful air conditioning unit that also has the ability to heat. 
  3. One room in the house with sound proof walls, so outside noise is blocked out, dark curtains to keep the light out, and a small fridge of my favorite beverages.  I would also want the phone extension in the room to light up instead of ring so if I'm asleep I'm not disturbed. 
  4. A doggy door that leads into a large fenced in back yard so that my babies can go in and out as they need to and please without me having to carry them back and forth on bad days.  
  5. A roomy kitchen with a fridge that has an ice maker, a bottom shelf freezer, and a microwave that is on the counter and not overhead.
  6. A large heated indoor pool for when I need to stretch and work my muscles out, water therapy is the best way (and most fun) to accomplish it safely.  
As I have been thinking about this, I began to realize the adaptations I have made to my current house to make things more fibro-friendly.

  1. We have a rolly (office) chair in the kitchen that makes it easier to do everything from dishes to preparing food while in pain. I cant stand for long periods on bad days, and thanks to the smooth floor and rolly chair, now I don’t have to.  
  2. I have blankets hung up over my windows in the bedroom to block out the chill of the night and the brightness of the sun.   
  3. I have a back scratcher that allows me to either scratch an itch, or brush the cool bamboo over a part of my back that is alive with nerves.  I can also put a sock on the end or wrap paper towels around the end to apply lotion. 
  4. I am addicted to Icy Hot in the spray can, it soothes sore muscles without stretching me out too much trying to apply the cream.  For large muscle aches, the patch works too 
  5. I use an electric blanket as a full body sized heating pad.
  6. I have small red wagon outside, to help get groceries and supplies in the house when I’m not able to do a lot of lifting/carrying.
I am truly blessed because my employer has also given me tools to help me continue to do my job, no matter what my health brings. I am granted the honor of working from home on days I am unable to go into the office. I am so very thankful for that.

So all in all, I didn't really need an Extreme Home Makeover, I just needed A Perspective Makeover :)

Here are a few things that make my life a little more fibro-friendly: 


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