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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

Inspired by Sick Momma's blog carnival, I would like to post about a Guilty Pleasure that my condition has blessed me with!  Personally I think the perspective is brilliant and is something that should be considered more often.  But then again, I was always a silver lining kind of girl. :)

I started helping out in the yard as soon as I was old enough to understand the concept of picking up sticks and rocks and carrying them to the ditch.  As soon as I was mature enough, I was mowing and then eventually weed-eating.  Needless to say, I've never enjoyed it.  But since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I don't have to do it anymore!  I don't do well out in the heat/sun for long periods of time so that rules out the actual mowing and the fatigue is too much for me to be carrying around that weed-eater and trimming up the edges.  While my condition has taken many things away from me, this is something I would have happily donated for the cause!  The best part is that we were able to hire this really nice guy at work to come and do it, he has his own small business on the side.  Not only do we get a great looking professionally done yard but secretly the best part is that I don't have to do it!

I have become a text-a-holic since my diagnosis.  I save spoons by NOT having long emotional conversations with everyone who contacts me every day, texting is so much easier!  I also have become a major fan of twitter and facebook, using them to stay in the loop.  Of course my blog is another thing I allow myself to have, all of which encourage me to rest while keeping my mind active...both things that are needed when one has chronic illnesses.  At least that's how I justify my social media dependency LOL 

Another guilty pleasure that I freely partake in is lazy days in bed, watching digital cable's on demand selection.  I try to take at least one day a week to rest as much as possible for maintenance rest, even if I don't "need" it as much as I might at other times.  I don't fake pain or pretend to be stiff, but I do chalk it up to something required in order for me to keep balance in my world.   


Anonymous said...

I love the way you look at things.

Keep being a Silver Lining type of girl!


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