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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spoonie Math Equation

Here is the word problem.

A woman named Amber has fibromyalgia, lupus, and several complications of that combination.  She has a stressful job where she is responsible for numerous things.  Amber also has a sick parent who she is taking care of, with the assistance of her sister.  Amber and her family live in Tennessee, which is having a major shift in temperatures and weather - dropping from 80* one day to 45 at night, mixing in some cold rain and high winds.  What happens next?  

Did you guess a series of intense asthma attack that propels Amber into a very rough chest cold and laryngitis?  

I didn't either, but that is what happened.  

The string of asthma attacks will take a few days to get over, but thankfully I have my inhalers, a nebulizer, a steroid refill, and some mixed Albuterol solution.

Sometimes being a Spoonie is tough, looking around your house at the embarrassing collection of medical equipment and medications... Other times, like right now, it is like having access to your own private pharmacy!  Which has definitely saved me a ton of money on copays!! 

Don't worry about me!  I'll be back to blowing down houses in no time :) 


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