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Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Aware Are You?

I cannot believe it is already October!  

This is my favorite time of year!  I love how the weather cools and becomes crispy in the mornings and at night.  I become hypnotized at how the sunrises and sunsets take on an eye-catching quality that can take my breath away.  I enjoy the sounds of local football games going on, distant music of the marching bands performing at half-time and hockey season is in full swing!  

On a personal note, I love that I can wear any color of polish this month and no one blinks an eye!  I love to experiment with my nails, hair, etc and this time of year is the perfect opportunity to do just that!  

Another thing I love about October is that it is truly one month as busy as I am!  

No really, think about it.  Even without looking at Fall Festivals and Halloween (or End of the month parties), October is packed with opportunities to spread awareness and educate ourselves on things that are very important.  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

I am a major advocate for women to become proactive and take an active stand when it comes to breast cancer.  Monthly self exams can and will save lives!  

Also, not many realize that October is also Domestic Violence Awareness.  

So many people say "I won't be with a man who hits me" but so many people do not realize that: 
    1.  Domestic or Dating Abuse does not start physically.  
    2.  There are men who are also victims of domestic abuse.  

Oh wait, that isn't all... We also have National Employment Awareness, National Down Syndrome AwarenessSudden Infant Death Syndrome AwarenessNational Physical Therapy MonthOctober is also Home Eye Safety Month.  

October 2 through 8th, 2011 is Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 23rd through the 31st is the Red Ribbon Week - which is majorly important to us Spoonies!  The Red Ribbon campaign is a way to take a stand against substance abuse.  

Whew!  That is a busy month!  But wait, I'm not done!  I'm saving one of the ones that I feel is extremely important for last.  This one effects all of us spoonies, no matter what our chronic condition is.  

The last October Awareness that I want to mention spills over into November but it is hugely important and something that many of us experienced spoonies advocate to new people who are being diagnosised.  Know your medications/supplements!  Celebrate National Drug Facts Week by educating yourself on what you take, why you take it, what is its side effects, and how does it work with other things you take.  This is important to remember, not just from October 31 to November 6th, but all year long! 

So this October, take some time to reflect, educate, and spread a little awareness of your own!  

Happy October!


Patient vicodin said...

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Amber said...

Thank you so very much, Patient!

I hope that you are having a wonderful and pain free October :)


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