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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Like many other in Spoonieville, I am having a rough flare up week.  Tennessee's temperatures have dropped pretty drastically and we have had several days of cold rain.  Luckily, my Aunt turned me onto Percogesic, which I can take at work and it brings just enough relief that I am still able to function.  I was speaking with a Nursing friend who laughed and said that percogesic is nothing more than aspirin and benadryl, however I am not knocking what seems to be helping me right now.

So if you are curious what is currently in my survival kit?  It would be a container of Percogesic, a tube of Aspercreme, and my fake smile that I plaster on as I pull into my job's parking lot.  

I keep reminding myself that I am very blessed to have a job to have to force-a-smile through, because it provides me with insurance for treatment and money for survival.  So all in all, I am a truly blessed spoonie.


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