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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daily Clicks

No matter how crappy I am feeling or how exhausted I am, I always take a few minutes and do my daily clicks.  I'm torn between believing that these daily clicks make a difference and that its just some kind of guilt-triggered-spam that tricks us all into looking at advertising.  Either way, I always feel a smidgen better after going through my clicks.  And on no-spoon-days, I'll take that smidgen of improvement happily.
It used to take me a little longer because I had to jump from bookmark to bookmark to bookmark - but now the actual layout of the page makes it so much easier! 
Are you interested in clicking some free help their way?  I have laid out some simple step by step instructions :)

1.  Go to THIS PAGE

2.  Look for this logo on the upper left hand side.
3.  Look to the right, one icon at a time, and it shows all the other pages you can go to make a difference just by clicking!  Its totally free.

4.  Under the row of icons, you will see a bar that says something like "click here to offer..." whatever page you are on.  Click that bar.  That's it!  You just helped someone else :)
This is an example of what the page will look like when you click on the different sites you can help.  This picture may be fuzzy, so please feel free to click on it to make it bigger so it will be clear. :)  Oh and my paint program skills aren't that great lol but hopefully it will help you get the idea that I am talking about.

I know this sounds cheesy but doing these daily clicks - even on days I don't feel good, especially on days I feel really bad, help me feel a little less sorry for myself... because I am taking a moment to do something for others.  That helps me give myself permission to rest as much as I need to, because I have done what I can do for others. 



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