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Thursday, June 2, 2011

-Facepalm- Thanks Fibro Fog

Its outrageously hot for June in Tennessee (98*) and I don't do well when its over a balmy breezy 70*.  Needless to say, I don't handle this heat well at all. 

Because my truck doesn't have A/C, my Mom picked me up after work today.  She pulls up next to the door, and I hurry out with my stuff.  I open the back door and throw everything inside then sit down in the front seat.  It's hotter in the car than it is outside!  I say "Mom, why don't you have the air on, its hot" and look over... to the man behind the driver's seat.  His response was "Lady, you're in the wrong car" and began laughing.  I leaped out of the car and snatched my stuff out, I don't even remember if I apologized or not!  

Can we just say that everyone watching had a good laugh and the next day, it was found just as funny when I recapped my adventures to coworkers and on twitter. 

Boy, was my face red

Thank you, Fibro-Fog.  


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