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Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Crispy Fibroista, coming right up!

 I had the best time with my brother today at the drag strip!  My sun glasses worked great, I stayed hydrated, the breeze kept me cool, and the cars were smoking hot and mighty mouse fast!  About four hours into it, I realized that maybe my skin wasn't having as much fun as I was... as my sunscreen had already thrown in the towel!  Arriving home that evening, I realized what the intense tingling tightness meant... I was burned to a crisp.  I have burned before, but never like this!

After a few days of taking Tylenol for the heat/feverish feeling/pain, rubbing on cooling aloe gel (that a friend suggested I keep in the fridge that made it heavenly) and napping as much as possible I am feeling better.  However, I am definitely making plans to be better prepared before my next outdoor adventure! 

If you see me out on the drag strip go ahead and wave, I'll be the chick under the umbrella that is using a trowel to apply sunblock! 

Next time, I will use something like this:


In hopes of not needing these:



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