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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mediterranean Relief

Those that know me well know that I am a major fan of IVillage's email updates.  While some may see it as spam, I love these emails.  I like the information that it pieces together in an organized web-based power point fashion.  The other thing I like about it is that there is no rush for me to read the email - sometimes if the topic doesn't really interest me I just toss it in the trash.  But to be honest, when reviewing my subscription with IVillage, that doesn't happen very often. :)

A good bit of people feel that fibromyalgia is in the arthritis family, personally I believe this but I don't have any medical proof to state it as fact.  Well this morning's newsletter from IVillage was about 10 Foods to Reduce Arthritis Pain.  And you know me, I'm all about eating.  So I checked it out.  And just my luck, of all the food listed the only thing I like are the grapes and garlic (no not together lol).  Oh well, but I thought some of you with a more adventurous palate might enjoy the Mediterranean Diet, which contains anti-inflammatory nutrients. 

The more that I research the Mediterranean Diet, the more sure I could do it.  I mean I know I could do it if I was thrown in a prison and had no other choice (other than starvation), but I'm not so sure I would still be the charming person you all know me to be. lol  While I love veggies, fruits, and whole wheat pasta, I'm not so big on  fish, olive oil, and red wine.  To go along with this diet, daily exercise and I looked up a sample menu for a week.  This is what I found: Fragrant Couscous, Greek Salad, Creamy Hummus with Warm Pita, Sautéed Spinach with Lemon.  The only thing on that list that made me even think "yum" was the sauteed spinach and that was because I was picturing it swimming in Queso with some salty mexican chips.  

I've often said that spending more time on the beach or living in the Mediterranean would probably help my stress/pain/symptoms, I didn't know that following their culinary ways could sooth it!  Hmm... maybe I will keep looking.  But I will keep some highlights of this anti-inflammatory diet in mind when I'm planning my next meal... especially on days I'm really swollen.  :)

But for now, sipping cool lemonade while day dreaming of being on the beach seems to help me the most. 


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