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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spoonies Caring for Spoonies

Many that know me know that I live with my Mom.  Circumstances with a previous job and my health brought me back to my parent's home a few months before my Dad began getting sick.  I'm very blessed to have been able to be there to help with him and support my Mom... It's also been good for me too as I have support on bad Fibro/Lupus days where I'm feeling puny.  

Mom has been sick lately and I've been in a month long flare (which explains my silence on the blog), so we have been relying on each other to make it through.  I am happy to be able to be home to take care of my Mom while she struggles with her disabilities, not only does she need me but it also gives me a perspective of what it is like to care for someone full time that has disabilities.  These experiences have taught me a valuable lesson, not to take things for granted.  True, my condition has already taught me to enjoy the small things, find joy in everyday activities, and to treasure each good moment I have... but I don’t take anyone’s kindness for granted now... On the other side, it has made me a little skeptical of anyone who willingly would take on a relationship with someone with chronic illness... why would you sign up for this roller coaster if you had a more sane option?  

As frustrating as my lack of energy or ability to know how I feel later is frustrating to me, it is equally frustrating as a care giver.  I hope that my spoonie friends do not take advantage of those who assist in maintaining the quality of their lives, despite illnesses.

This post is all flustered, fog is rolling in and the pain is getting to me.  On my way to bed, have a blessed night. 


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