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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Helpful Tip or Two

Is it just me or are most people obsessed with "life hacks"?  I'm seeing so many articles/pins about "easy kitchen hacks", "unforgettable life hacks", and even "easy spoonie hacks"!  I don't have any tips, tricks, or magic moves to make this life any easier.... But I do have a couple hints that I have found helpful along the way I would like to share with my readers. 

Tip #1:

One of the biggest things I have learned along the way is to contact the hospital, doctor's office, mall, hotel, etc and ask about any Guest Services offered.  I do this before any new appointment or any new location.  I don't mean something like fluffing my towels - but I ask about things like valet parking, guest transport assistance, etc.  If you aren't sure where to start with asking if these services are available, talk to your reception workers at the doctor's office.  Or call the mall's customer service professionals.  

I am extremely blessed that the facility where most of my medical appointments are located has valet parking (disability tags park free or your doctor's office can validate the card so you can park free) and it also has guest transport assistance (which means on those days I'm unable to physically walk to my appointment they have someone who will take me in a wheelchair).  It doesn't hurt to ask, all they can do is say that nothing of that nature is available.

Tip #2:

My other big tip is to really take the time to beef up your contact information on your doctor's in your cell phone.  I include things like the Doctor's name, number, specialty, address (in case I forget where they are located), what elevator/suite number, and sometimes the name of my favorite nurse at the office.  Here is an example of what I mean, it is for Dr Enjeti who is my Pulmonologist.  And yes, this is a real screenshot from my iphone! haha  I constantly found myself getting lost in the hospital or forgetting which elevator got me to which doctor, so by beefing up the contact information I am more prepared for each appointment.  

On good days I hate asking for help because I have to ask for assistance on bad days.  By beefing up the contacts, now I know exactly where I am going :)   

That's all I have tip wise!  Well except for the normal things... But that's another blog post.


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